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2 Exercise, Move, Dance 2.00-3.30pm Grosvenor Centre

2 RBL GMVH 2000hrs

3 Military Whist Grosvenor Centre 7.45pm

3 Jambusters Wedding Dresses 1840-2000 talk

5 Phoenix “3-D Printing” A Demonstration and a Quiz!

6 Civic Amenity visit (refuse lorry) Grosvenor Centre 10.00am-11.00am

7 Table Top and car Boot sale 10.00am GMVH

7 Healthy walk Derrington Village Hall 10.30am

8 Parish Council meeting, 7.30pm

9 Lions Afternoon Tea Dance GMVH 2 to 4.30pm

10 Healthy Walk Allotment Car Park Gnosall 10.30am

12 Phoenix Club Morning

12 Heritage Group 2pm, Brearley Room, Grosvenor Centre

13 Saturday Lunch Methodist Hall

13 Film night Imitation Game Moreton MC 7.00pm

14 Music Night Moreton MC 7.30pm

16 MOB Garden 7.30pm “Willow Weaving” MMC

16 Newport U3A “Personal Glimpses of the Titanic” 3.00pm British Legion Club

17 Military Whist Grosvenor Centre 7.45pm

18 Best Kept Village team meeting 7.30pm Grosvenor Centre

19 Phoenix “A Funny Thing Happened at the Register Office”

20 Robinson Crusoe Gnosall Players GMVH 2.30 and 7.30pm

21 Robinson Crusoe Gnosall Players GMVH 2.30pm

24 Healthy Walk Church Eaton Village Hall 10.30am

26 Phoenix Club Morning

27 Newport Music Club, Trio Severn at Cosy Hall 7.30pm

28 Bullseye Moreton MC


MARCH 2016

2 Jambusters – AGM . Craft Shenanigans

5 Lions Military Wives Choir at GMVH

6 Table Top and car Boot sale 10.00am GMVH

6 Locust Honey String band at Moreton MC

6 “Way for the Millennium” marathon runners come through Gnosall

12 Saturday Lunch Methodist Hall

12 Jazz evening GMVH in aid if Macmillan Cancer support 7.30pm

15 Newport U3A a look at life in the police in the 1970s 3.00pm British Legion Club

19 Jez Lowe at Moreton MC


APRIL 2016

3 Table Top and car Boot sale 10.00am GMVH

6 Jambusters – The Colourful Culture of Nepal With Sari Tying

12 Coffee Morning for Katharine House Hospice Grosvenor Centre 10-12noon

16 Urban Folk Quartet at Moreton MC


MAY 2016

8 Table Top and car Boot sale 10.00am GMVH

12 Parish Annual Assembly, speaker Police Commissioner Matthew Ellis


JUNE 2016

5 Table Top and car Boot sale 10.00am GMVH


JULY 2016

3 Table Top and car Boot sale 10.00am GMVH

2 St Lawrence Church Tower Opening

2 Friends of St Lawrence Concert in Church



3 Victorian Day in Church




Contacting the GPN 

EDITORIAL :Contributions  for  the Gnosall Parish News magazine  must  be  received  by  the 15th of each month for inclusion in the next edition. Email:   newseditor@gnosall.info

ADVERTISEMENTS in the GPN. Requests to advertise in the magazine or changes to existing advertisements should be sent by email to adseditor@gnosall.info  



About Us

Gnosall News & Trader  (GNAT) aims to provide a web site for the local community. Like its sister publication Gnosall Parish News it is information circulated to the community by the community.

If its happening in Gnosall then this is the place to advertise or read. There is no charge for local events. Topics to be included are wide-ranging,  everything from local news and events to social/sports clubs and Trade adverts. Use this site as as you would a directory using the menu tabs above or the search box in the top r.h. corner to find what you are looking for.

Our basis is the popular and well established Gnosall Parish News which has a circulation of over 1000 copies per month and you can contribute via the same routes.

If you would like to contribute an article or advertise your business then refer to the top row menu or email editor or ring Trevor  07951 627 157

If  YOU would like your business or Event publicised on this site then contact

  1. Ms Joyce Rowe, 8 The Seesall, Gnosall  or email newseditor for all News and Events (free) or
  2. Kathleen Ingram adseditor for business adverts (From £25)

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Staffordshire County Council


Stafford Borough Council



  • Stafford 01785 243333

Emergency Services

  • Police HQ 08453 302010
  • Fire Service HQ 08451 221155
  • Ambulance HQ 01785 253521
  • Electricity: 08457 331331
  • Water: 0800 7834444
  • Gas: 0800 111999


  • Mid Staffordshire (Stafford): 01785 257731
  • Cannock Chase: 01543 572757
  • St George’s: 01785 257888
  • University Hospital of North Staffordshire: 01782 715444

Citizens’ Advice Bureau

  • Stafford: 01785 258673


  • Arriva Bus: 08701 201088
  • British Rail: 08457 484950
  • Birmingham Airport: 08707 335511
  • East Midlands Airport: 01332 852852
  • Manchester Airport: 01614 893000

Register Office (Births, Deaths & Marriages)

  • Stafford: 01785 277880

Gnosall Parish News

  • email newseditor@gnosall.info
  • email adseditor@gnosall.info
  • Web-master: Trevor 01785 824497 email admin@gnosall.info
  • Distribution: Bob  01785 823955

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If you would like to publicise your News or Event

then email details to admin@gnosall.info or newseditor@gnosall.info

Gnosall Local News

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Use this site as as you would a directory. i.e. Look for what you want by clicking on the menu bar in the header above or by entering text in the search box, top right.

If YOU would like YOUR business or Event publicised on this site then

contact Mrs Joyce Rowe, 8 The Seesall, Gnosall

or email newseditor@gnosall.info

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