Lowfield Lane Affordable Housing Development

Lowfield Lane Affordable Housing Development –
Local Letting Policy

1. The Affordable Housing Units shall be occupied by a Designated Person together with their resident
dependant(s) and such persons shall be considered in accordance with the following priority (with persons
identified from category A taking priority over those identified from category B):

Category A (i) Person/s whose primary place of residence is and has been so for not less than three (3) out of the past five (5) years in the parish of Gnosall.

(ii) Persons whose parents have their primary place of residence in Gnosall and have done so for not less than three (3) out of the past five (5) years.

Category B
(i) Persons whose siblings or grand-parents or adult children have had their primary place of residence in the parish of Gnosall for not less than three (3) out of the last five (5) years;

or (ii) Persons whose primary place of employment is in the parish of Gnosall and has been so for not less than three (3) out of the last five (5) years

2. and any such person or persons shall be a “Primary Suitable Household” (which term shall include any cohabitee
child or other dependant of any such person who has been living with such person for not less than 1 year prior to
the date of application for the vacant tenancy).
3. If no Primary Suitable Household is found from the above categories within 14 days of SARH
becoming aware of the vacancy then the same process as set out in paragraph 1 shall be repeated by SARH
for the following parishes.
The Parishes are in descending order of
(a) The Parishes of Haughton, Ranton,High Offley and Church Eaton.
(b) The Parishes of Ellenhall, Forton and Norbury.
(c) Any Parishes within the Stafford Borough.

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