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Contacting The GPN Team 2 Useful Facts And Numbers 2 What’s On In &Around Gnosall! 3 Regular Meetings This Month 3 Village Voice 4 Ministry Matters 5 Victorian Christmas Market 5 St Lawrence Church,Gnosall 6 Grumpy Men’s Breakfast 6 French Toast For Two 6 Letters &Announcements 7 It’s Panto Time Again – Oh Yes It Is!!! 7 Gnosall Heritage Group 7 Gnosall Catholic News 8 Gnosall Freemasons 8 Get Fit 9 Gnosall Carnival News 9 Reviving Forgotten Words 9 Table Top Sale 9 Gnosall Methodist Church 10 Gnosall Parish Council 11 Gnosall Phoenix Club 12 First Responders 12 Candle-Lit Dinner &An Evening Of Music 12 Our Water Highway 13 Jambusters Report 15 Events At Moreton Millennium Centre 15 A Village Ceilidh 15 Walk Your Way To Health 15 Treasure Island Panto 16 Heritage Booklets 16 Royal British Legion 17 Bingo,St Marys Church Moreton,7.30 18 Ladies Aqualate Golf 18 Friends of St Lawrence Church 18 Cafe at Trinity Church 18 Local Trades And Services 19 Grumpy Men’s Breakfast (See Story Page 6) 21 Newport Shropshire U3a 21 Stafford Samaritans 21 Walking For Health Photo From Dave Clarke 22 Gnosall Towpath Restoration (GTR) – 22 More Of Gnosall In The Snow. 23 Gnosall Lions Club 24 Newport Music Club 24 MOB Gardening Club 24

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