A Few Spiritual Thoughts

The teacher was teaching fractions to her class.

“Suppose your Mum baked a pie for tea and there were seven of you to share it – your parents and five children. What fraction of the pie would you get?”

One boy put his hand up and answered,“one sixth.”

“I’m afraid you don’t know your fractions”,said the teacher. “Remember there are seven of you.”

“But you don’t know my mum”,said the boy. “She would always say she didn’t want any pie so there was more for us.” 

In some senses parenting is about making sacrifices and Mothers don’t really get days off. But more than anything it is a privilege.

Motherhood is a bond that forms before birth,endures beyond death and shapes us in life even after its absence.

There’s a sense in which,throughout our lives,we always want to please our mothers.

So it’s good to have a special day set aside each year when we can give our mothers -and those who step into that role- a chance to be thanked and honoured.

The Church recognises the Sunday mid-way through Lent as mothering Sunday. Girls away from home in service were given this day to go home and visit their mothers and would make a special simnel cake for the occasion.

A four year old and a six year old presented their mum with a plant on Mothering Sunday. They had used their own money and their mum was thrilled. The elder child looked a bit sad and said,“there was a really nice bouquet of flowers in the shop that we really wanted to get you but it was too expensive. It had a ribbon on it that said ‘Rest in Peace’ and we thought it would be just perfect because you’re always saying you want a bit of peace so you can have a rest!”

I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day and we would love to invite you to bring your Mum – your whole family to join us at our special services this year and receive a posy of flowers. Or if your Mum is no longer with you come along to thank God for the many memories.

Our service at St Lawrence’s is at 10.30am on March 11th.

Rev Kathryn

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