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We recently started featuring the work of some Gnosall photographers. If you would like your work to be considered for a future edition,please send a selection of your images to Bob Colman by email at

You should send between 6 and 8 images as high quality JPG files of a suitable quality for print reproduction. Try to include a variety of images on different subjects which reflect your photographic interests. Please include about 100 words describing yourself and your photography. 

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Village View

Following the two interesting articles from Peter Gillard and Paul Boston,would anyone else like to contribute to our Village Voice? If so,please submit,about one page of A4,to before 15th of the month.



You do not have to be an ex service person or a serving member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces,anyone can join! For more information,please contact the PRO Mr David Winterbottom on: 

01952 691131 or

72-strong team of wounded,injured and sick (WIS) military personnel and veterans have been selected to represent the UK at the 2018 Invictus Games.

The team of 72 competitors selected to represent the UK at the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 was exclusively unveiled this morning at Horse Guards Parade.

The team of wounded,injured and sick (WIS) serving military personnel and veterans came together for the first time since selection at the iconic London venue and were joined by Prime Minister Theresa May who posed with the athletes for the first official team photograph and wished them luck for the Games in October.

The athletes – 64% of whom are new to Invictus –were also joined by former Team UK captains,including Paralympic Bronze medallist Dave Henson.

More hopefuls than ever before,451 WIS military personnel and veterans,trialled 11 sports for one of the 72 places available on Team UK. The trials were attended by HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle,in one of their last appearances before the Royal Wedding.

The rigorous selection process for Team UK was based on the benefit the Invictus Games will give an individual as part of their recovery,combined with performance and commitment to training.

The 2018 UK Team Captain was also named this morning as Mark “Dot” Perkins.

Former Royal Signals Corporal Dot was discharged in 2005 and now works as a civil servant rehabilitating injured soldiers and will compete in cycling and rowing. He said:“There are few moments in one’s life when an event occurs that truly transforms your life,the Invictus Games is it. They are all about empowerment,they empower us all to fight the chains of physical disability,to fight the intangible burden of mental illness and they empower us to focus on being the best we can be despite the scars that we all now wear.

Whilst participating in the games our scars are like medals that we can proudly display rather than hide in shame or embarrassment. Invictus allows us to be judged on what we can achieve,rather than what we can’t. To simply be selected for Team UK was an amazing achievement. To then be further selected as the Captain and to represent these incredibly brave men and women is extremely humbling,it is a huge privilege to be given this honour.”

The team will compete in 11 sports:Athletics;Archery;Wheelchair Basketball;Cycling;Powerlifting;Indoor Rowing;Wheelchair Rugby;Swimming,Sitting Volleyball,Wheelchair Tennis and a new sport for 2018,Sailing.

The Royal British Legion will be supporting the friends and family,including carers,of Team UK as part of its work to recognise the vital and valuable contribution that they make to the recovery of WIS Service personnel and veterans.

David Winterbottom –PRO for the Gnosall and District RBL Branch. 

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Mumpsimusand other slip-ups

There was a story,which was frequently retold in medieval times,about a monk who persistently said a phrase in the Latin Eucharist wrongly. Instead of “sumpsimus”,the Latin for “we have taken” he would say “mumpsimus”,which was nonsense.

When corrected the monk allegedly said that he had said it that way for forty years and “I will not change my old mumpsimus for your new sumpsimus”.As a result,mumpsimus came to be applied to someone who stubbornly sticks to using a word even when it is wrong.

In linguistics,a solecism is any incorrect usage. The word solecism comes from the language of the people of the ancient city of Soloi who,in the opinion of the Athenians,spoke a coarse and ungrammatical form of Greek. “Them are good!” is an example of a solecism. Solecisms are sometimes used by writers for a special effect. The poems of e.e. cummings are filled with solecisms which are creative and entertaining,such as “children guessed but only a few and down they forgot as up they grew…”.

Parapraxes,also sometimes referred to as Freudian slips,are the cause of many marital rifts.Parapraxes are sometimes believed to reveal what is really on someone’s mind. During a speech on education,Senator Ted Kennedy said”Our national interest ought to be to encourage the breast and brightest”,his hands cupping the air as he spoke. 

The average person makes between 7 and 22 verbal slip-ups a day,depending on how much a person talks. It’s debatable whether errors actually reveal unconscious thoughts and feelings. In most cases,they are simply due to confusing words that share similarities.

By Andrea Lacy 

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GnosallTowpath Restoration -Herb Bed opening

In 2016,we recognised that many years of neglect and invasive weed growth had produced quite an eyesore on the bank just north of bridge 35. We also noticed that many cyclists struggled to carry their bikes up/down the steps from the towpath to the Navigation car park.

We considered a cycle ramp but it looked a difficult proposition and we realised that towpath cyclists visiting the pub would be happy to lock their bikes at the bottom of the bank if there was room and something to lock to. An idea was born,“all” we had to do was:• Widen the towpath • Stabilize the bank with steel gabions • Fill the gabions with rock • Get rid of the weeds • Build sleeper retaining walls • Provide cycle lock anchor points • Shift tons of soil • Surface the widened parts with stone • Plant long term shrubs and short-term flowers • Get rid of the weeds (again)… Fast forward to Sunday May 6th 2018 and an official opening by Richard Parry,chief executive of the canal and river trust. We invited representatives from the village and local canal groups and had a splendid morning. There was one small glitch with the wording on the sign which has now been corrected. Many thanks to Roy and the team from the Navigation for providing our splendid buffet and to all the volunteers who make it all possible. If you’d like to join us and help continue the good work,please see the link below. Photograph © Harry Arnold MBE. 
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