BKV Book Exchange

The Best Kept Village Team have two exciting new projects planned for 2018. The first is the BKV Book Exchange which will be based in the telephone box on the High Street opposite the Post Office. We have purchased the telephone box from BT for £1! Our plan is to refurbish the box and to install shelves that will hold the paperbacks that you have read and would like to exchange. We hope to have the Book Exchange up and running by the end of April. However,we need your help! We are making a collection of paperbacks and children’s books in the Parish Office. We also need help in unlocking/locking the telephone box each day and help in keeping the books organised and the box tidy. If you would like to be involved please contact Dave Clarke 01785 822483 Dave@Clarkeys.org.uk. 

Our second new project is to create a small but beautiful wildflower meadow at the top end of the Village Green. We plan to fence off the area,remove any weeds and grasses before tilling the soil and planting a selection of British wildflower seeds. There will be an Interpretation Board to help identify the flowers and hopefully this project will be underway during March/April. Again,if you would like to be involved,please use the contact above. 

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