Freezing conditions,gale force winds and snowdrifts —what a welcome to Spring 2018!

Compared to many parts of the country,Gnosall escaped the worst . . . →Read More:SPRING 2018 PICTURES

Boat death shock

The tragic death of a boater in a fire on her vessel has sent a shockwave through the boating community. The Fire Service,the Boat . . . →Read More:Boat death shock

Mansplaining,snowflakes and hangry

The Oxford English Dictionary adds revised versions of existing entries,new words and new senses to its database four times a year. In January 2018 . . . →Read More:Mansplaining,snowflakes and hangry

Impressions of Gnosall 

When writing of one’s impressions,it is important to mention two key points. 

Firstly,the principle that ‘First Impressions Count’ and,secondly,for the sake . . . →Read More:Impressions of Gnosall 

Where is it?

Gnosall,like most villages,has its fair share of unusual points of interest – some being harder to find than others. We thought it would . . . →Read More:Where is it?

A Posting to Gnosall

Probably not as some may interpret the title to suggest,this has nothing to do with all things military,well not in the modern context. . . . →Read More:A Posting to Gnosall

Alexander Graham Bell

Bell was born 3rd March,1847 in Edinburgh,Scotland. His father,Alexander Melville Bell,was a professor of speech elocution at the University of Edinburgh. . . . →Read More:Alexander Graham Bell

Gnosall in the Snow

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Moof Gnosall in the snow.  A few lovely pictures of villagers enjoying the snowfall recently

Ed note to contributors: It is . . . →Read More:Gnosall in the Snow

Our water highway – The Shropshire Union Canal in Gnosall

The Shropshire Union Canal (locally known as the “Shroppie”) is one of the iconic features in our parish. What many may not be aware . . . →Read More:Our water highway – The Shropshire Union Canal in Gnosall

Reviving forgotten words –Andrea Lacy

The Oxford English Dictionary is a record of English words from Old English to the present day,and includes many obsolete and historical terms. . . . →Read More:Reviving forgotten words –Andrea Lacy