BKV Book Exchange

The Best Kept Village Team have two exciting new projects planned for 2018. The first is the BKV Book Exchange which will be based in . . . →Read More:BKV Book Exchange

‘Helping other people’ Gnosall Guides

‘Helping other people’ is part of the Guide Promise. 4th Gnosall Guides made a special effort recently supporting the charity ‘Helping Handbags Worldwide’. This organisation . . . →Read More:‘Helping other people’ Gnosall Guides

Girl Guiding in Gnosall

Just in case you didn’t know,Gnosall has 2 Rainbow units (girls aged 5-7 years),1 Brownie unit (girls aged 7-10 years),1 Guide unit . . . →Read More:Girl Guiding in Gnosall

Congratulations to Megan

Congratulations to Megan Dashfield who received the Girlguiding Leadership Qualification certificate on her 18th birthday. It was presented by Rachel Aston,District Commissioner at the . . . →Read More:Congratulations to Megan

Gnosall Carnival News,2018 – Saturday 16th June

The Carnival team have already had their rst meetings of the year and have started the preparation and planning for 2018 Gnosall Carnival. This . . . →Read More:Gnosall Carnival News,2018 – Saturday 16th June

Lowfield Lane Affordable Housing Development

Lowfield Lane Affordable Housing Development –Local Letting Policy

1. The Affordable Housing Units shall be occupied by a Designated Person together with their resident . . . →Read More:Lowfield Lane Affordable Housing Development

The Gnosall Handbell Ringers –Ringing for Pleasure

The Gnosall Handbell Ringers Ringing for Pleasure

The team was formed in 1973 following a visit of some of the St. Lawrence tower bell ringers . . . →Read More:The Gnosall Handbell Ringers –Ringing for Pleasure


The following information is provided by Staffordshire Police It encourages caring communities where neighbours look out for each other,working in partnership with the police . . . →Read More:NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH IS FREE

Staffordshire Newsletter

Message from Sara Lee

I am contacting Gnosall community organisations/ leaders to let you know that I have been appointed as the Gnosall community correspondent . . . →Read More:Staffordshire Newsletter

What can you recycle? –Become a Recycling Champion

What can you recycle?

A Recycling Champion is in your area to give advice and guidance. To find out about recycling in your . . . →Read More:What can you recycle? –Become a Recycling Champion