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Last month’s GPN included two photographs by Bob Colman of unusual points of interest in the landscape of Gnosall. So where were the pictures taken?

Answers:the weather vane is in Mill Lane,and the water pump at Coton Mill.

Check your Diary

Check your diaries

How disappointing when a village event is planned,only to discover something similar has been arranged at a different venue on the same day!

Gnosall is such a lively community,that there have been several occasions over the past couple of years when this has happened. The likely result of a clash of dates is that attendance at one or other event can be hit.

We try to keep GPN’s ‘What’s On’ page as up-to-date as possible ,so before fixing a new event it is worth checking our diary .

And organisers should let us know as soon as possible of any functions they wish to add . Write to our editor Joyce Rowe at 8 The Seesall,Gnosall,or email us at


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