Christian Aid Week 2018

Christian Aid Week 2018

“Thank you for being there for the victims of Hurricane Matthew”

This year the Annual Christian Aid Appeal is to help the victims of Hurricane Matthew in 2017 to rebuild their homes and lives. Marcelin and his three teenage daughters lost everything when the hurricane hit Haiti. A year on they are still forced to live in a 2x2m concrete block. They’ve endured unimaginable natural disasters and each one has made them poorer and more vulnerable.

They are not just survivors they are fighters:but they are only so strong. They won’t survive the next storm without help. “ If another hurricane went through we would just die”.

£210 can train a local builder to build secure,comfortable homes for people like Marcelin,a safe place to weather the next disaster and a fighting chance to build a better life. 

The envelopes collected from the churches and the donations given at the Meal at St Lawrence church raised £500.36. The total will be increased through the Gift Aid scheme where people paying Income Tax have completed the slip attached to their envelope,allowing Christian Aid to reclaim the tax that they have paid on the amount of the donation. This amounts to 25p on every pound,so thank you for taking the trouble to complete the slip and thank you for your generosity

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