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First World War

Do you want to share a memory?

People may remember an exhibition in the church in 2014 to commemorate the start of the First World War. Details were given of the men from the villages who lost their lives in this terrible conflict. This year is,of course,the centenary of the end of the War. We now know quite a lot about the men who went,but there is not so much known about the men who came back. Often they returned mentally and physically damaged for life. Often they returned to find that there were no jobs for them and after all they had suffered for their country,they were reduced to begging on the streets or selling matches.

We would like to mount another exhibition to mark the end of this terrible War and tell people about some of the men who came back. If you have any knowledge of anybody from Gnosall and the other villages in the Benefice who returned,what happened to them after the War and what they came back to,we would be delighted to hear about it.

Please e-mail either

Jim McGregor at or

Maggie Hughes at

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