Gnosall Carnival News –2018

Gnosall Carnival 2018Saturday 16th June 

Have you started planning for the Gnosall Carnival parade?

We have 3 different categories for you to choose –

1. Floats – where you get the use of a truck from Stan Robinson 

2. Pedestrian entries –where they can push a decorated pram if needed .

3. Mobile buggies / karts – this is where people are on the kart/buggies –this can have a small group to support push a buggie/kart along the parade .

With this year’s theme you have great opportunities for floats,pedestrian entries &karts/buggies . Movies can cover Action movies – Men in Black,James Bond ,Cartoon movies – Jungle book ,Snow White &the seven dwarfs ( great for a pub ) ,Superhero movies – Spiderman ,Marvel ,the list is endless!! Come on Gnosall get the ideas going for some great Carnival Parade entries. Please get in contact with me ( contact details below ) or check our facebook page for applications 

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