“Welcoming All To Grow in Christian Faith and Love”

Minister Rev. Nathan Falla 01785 824930 

Bookings:Mrs Joan Jobling 01785 822592

Tuesday:2pm Women’s Fellowship ( Fortnightly)

Friday:6.15 –7.45 Junior youth club 8-9.30 pm Senior youth club

Beetle Drive

Saturday afternoon on the 12th of May was the Chapel Beetle Drive. What a wonderful fun packed afternoon. There were children with their mums and some dads and some with Grandparents as well as adults who had never played before. All joined in for several exciting games.

Halfway through we were served afternoon tea,with an assortment of delicious sandwiches and cakes,plus tea or coffee and squash for the children. There was a prize at the end for the one who had the highest score and a consolation prize for the lowest score.

It really was an enjoyable afternoon and everyone was made very welcome. Thank you to Emma and Paul for all your hard work and to all the helpers.

Circuit Service 15th April.

The Circuit service at Woodseaves was led by Revd. Nathan and Revd. Pauline. The Chapel was full. The theme was “Thy Kingdom Come” in preparation for a fixed time of prayer between Ascension and Pentecost. 10th-20th May. This is a global movement of Christians worldwide,praying that more people will come to know Jesus. We watched a video of Peter James singing “Thy Kingdom Come” a song written specially. If you haven’t heard it on TBN or Christian radio you can find it on You Tube.

Togs Visit.

Our TOGS event for April was a visit to the Kidderminster Carpet Museum. The museum occupies part of the old industrial complex alongside a Morrisons Supermarket where we started with a refreshing cuppa. Thus fortified we began our tour which comprised mainly of demonstrations of various weaving looms through the ages,accompanied by a comprehensive commentary. 

The first,‘Victoria’ was an early hand operated wooden loom used in the cottage industry era. Being a manual operation,the dexterity of the operator to control the selection of the weft/warp threads and thus determine the pattern together with the passing of the shuttle backwards and forwards was most impressive. These machines were for weaving cloth,carpet came later. 

The second machine ‘Albert’ was of a later type similar to ‘Victoria’ but with a most important improvement,the flying shuttle,which speeded up the process. These machines were intended for a factory operation and the reduction in manpower requirements caused much ‘trouble at t’mill’. The initial move to carpet at Kidderminster involved adapting the looms to weave two layers in parallel at the same time. This gave the required thickness and also allowed the option of having two patterns front and back.

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