Gnosall Towpath Restoration (GTR)

We all know that the leaves change colour in the Autumn and can look spectacular. When they fall o ,the trees look very bare but where do the leaves end up?



99.9% of leaves end up on the canal towpath and eventually hinder drainage and contribute to a muddy sticky mess. A couple of years ago CRT scraped back the towpath between the boat and the tunnel to leave a reasonable hard surface. It was not paved with gold as I’ve heard other areas are but it was good enough for the purpose of walking.




In that short time,it has started to deteriorate so this year we expended time and energy clearing the leaves on that section. We even built a bin to produce leaf mould for our future use. The towpath certainly looks a lot better. We only had enough personpower to do that section but if anyone wants to add to the workforce next autumn,we will try to do more.



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