‘Helping other people’ Gnosall Guides

‘Helping other people’ is part of the Guide Promise. 4th Gnosall Guides made a special effort recently supporting the charity ‘Helping Handbags Worldwide’. This organisation focusses on providing sanitary and hygiene products for homeless women,the list of content ideas includes:lip balm,shower gel,knickers,toothpaste and much more. Jane Barron,leader of 4th Gnosall Guides,said,“we managed to collect over 60 handbags with contents ranging from women’s sanitary products to jewellery,lovely scented shampoo,toothpaste and scarves ,we also sent blankets and women’s and children’s coats . The girl’s enjoyed this activity and learnt a lot from it,everyone donated something,we even had the local dentist donate a full box of toothpaste!” Well done to 4th Gnosall Guides!

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