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Last month’s GPN included two photographs by Bob Colman of unusual points of interest in the landscape of Gnosall. So where were the pictures taken?

Answers:the weather vane is in Mill Lane,and the water pump at Coton Mill.

Check your Diary

Check your diaries

How disappointing when a village event is planned,only to discover something similar has been arranged at a different venue on the same day!

Gnosall is such a lively community,that there have been several occasions over the past couple of years when this has happened. The likely result of a clash of dates is that attendance at one or other event can be hit.

We try to keep GPN’s ‘What’s On’ page as up-to-date as possible ,so before fixing a new event it is worth checking our diary .

And organisers should let us know as soon as possible of any functions they wish to add . Write to our editor Joyce Rowe at 8 The Seesall,Gnosall,or email us at

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Would you like to have the Gnosall Parish News delivered monthly. Annual subscription £5 including delivery within 1 mile radius of High Street.

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Parish Council Community Awards 

Remember,you have until 16th April to nominate either an individual or organisation who has made a positive contribution to the parish of Gnosall There are so many volunteers who,without them,our parish would not be as lovely as it is. These people need recognition and the parish council will be presenting two Community Awards at this year’s Annual Assembly on 24th May. Please email your nominations,with details,or contact the parish office for a nomination form.


The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers,supported by the government (Department of Communities and Local Government),is encouraging the recruitment of 1400 new ringers over the next year,who will be able to ring as part of Armistice100 on November 11th 2018. This is the symbolic replacement of the 1400 bell ringers who lost their lives in the Great War and is known as ‘Ringing Remembers.’ For more information please contact


St Lawrence Grumpy Old Men

WHEN:at. 21st. April at 10 a.m.

WHERE:The Vicarage,Glebe Lane

WHAT:Full English Breakfast &lively discussion.

WHO:All men are welcome! 

There is a sign up sheet at the back of St. Lawrence’s Church.

Enquiries,or to book,contact Rev. Stephen Harrop on 01785 822 820


Each year Gnosall Parish News makes donations on behalf of our readers to help out one or several organisations in the village,or perhaps charities with strong local connections. 

We are now inviting submissions for 2018. So if your organisation or charity is in need of a little financial help,please let us know. Or perhaps you know of young people in the village who are raising funds for a special project.

Decisions on donations will be taken at our Annual General Meeting on Thursday May 17th at Gnosall Fire Station.

So please get your application letter in as soon as possible! Write to our editor Joyce Rowe at 8 The Seesall,Gnosall,or email us at and explain how a donation would help


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