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Calling all Photographers.

We recently started featuring the work of some Gnosall photographers. If you would like your work to be considered for a future edition,please send a selection of your images to Bob Colman by email at

You should send between 6 and 8 images as high quality JPG files of a suitable quality for print reproduction. Try to include a variety of images on different subjects which reflect your photographic interests. Please include about 100 words describing yourself and your photography.

Village View

Following the two interesting articles from Peter Gillard and Paul Boston,would anyone else like to contribute to our Village Voice? If so,please submit,about one page of A4,to before 15th of the month.

St Lawrence Church 130+ Club –May 2018 draw winners

1. £25 Yvonne Cannell

2. £15 Louise Owen

3. £10 Barbara Juniper

4. £5 John Leighton

The draw has been set-up to help raise funds for ongoing upkeep and activities of the Church.

If anybody wishes to join the subs are £12 per year. They can contact me:

Tel:01785 824010

Mobile:07837 745168

Gnosall Parish News –June 2018-Home Page




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Would you like to have the Gnosall Parish News delivered monthly. Annual subscription £5 including delivery within 1 mile radius of High Street. Just complete the form below and we will contact you.

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GnosallCarnival News

Gnosall Carnival 2018– Saturday 16thJune 

You will soon be seeing Carnival programmes and Grand draw raffle tickets for sale for this year’s Carnival. Please support us and buy a raffle ticket. This year’s top 6 prizes are: 

1st prize Wellbeing Spa Day at Moddershall Oaks for 2 

2nd prize Cash Prize –£75 

3rd prize Happy Days Coach Trip for 2 

4th prize Family Ticket for Newport Show 

5th prize £40 Voucher at Beauty Boutique 

6th prize A meal for 2 

You still can enter the parade –let’s see if this year can be the biggest ever. 

We have 3 different categories for you to choose – 

1. Floats – where you get the use of a truck from Stan Robinson 

2. Pedestrian entries –you can walk orpush a decorated pram if needed. 

3. Mobile buggies / karts – you can get together as a small group and push a kart/buggy 

Come on Gnosall get the ideas going for some great Carnival Parade entries. Please get in contact with me (contact details below) or check ourFacebook page for applications. 

2018 Gnosall Carnival Bootcamp 10k 

The Gnosall Ladies Running club are back supporting us with the10k this year. The 10K will start and finish at the Gnosall Family Sports and Social club. We are targeting 200 runners for this year’s run and each runner will get a really smart running top. Well done GLRC!

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Village View

Ploughing through a stack of unread emails,I find a reminder from our GPN Editor that it is my turn to write this month’s “Village View”. 

This column is intended to provide the author with a chance to air opinions on an aspect of village life;to blow off steam,or give vent to a personal gripe. Being somewhat out of touch with community affairs,the question is what to write? Perhaps despair about the plague of potholes on the lane from Moreton or frustration at Saturday morning High Street traffic jams. 

No,instead take the column’s title literally …and

rather than expressing a view about the village,highlight some of our delightful village views. There are many which contribute to the sense of place and the feeling of belonging so many of us enjoy about Gnosall. 

A few examples: 

The comforting view of St Lawrence church tower,glimpsed across the fields,on the drive from Church Eaton towards Cowley Lane. Home again! 

The reassuring view of familiar faces,and friendly greetings exchanged on each visit to the High Street. 

The refreshing view in the evening of lights shining out of our village pubs …an invitation to call in for pint or two and to hear the gossip. 

The cheerful view of the ever friendly staff at The Bakery keeping the lines in check and exchanging jokes with customers. 

The reflective view of the beautiful stained glass in our village church,the East window dedicated to the 52 men from our parish who fell in the Great War,1914-1918. 

The entertaining view from the canal bridge by The Boat as holidaymakers,new to life afloat,attempt to avoid slow-motion narrowboat collisions. 

The memorable view on a quiet visit to the village cemetery,taking in the names of so many friends,relatives and acquaintances,now passed.. 

The appetising view of fresh crusty rolls,still warm and stacked on the Coop’s shelves each morning. 

The energetic view of dog walkers,joggers,runners and cyclists enjoying their Sunday morning workout along The Greenway. 

The admirable view of the weekend clean-up-brigade of Best Kept Village volunteers. 

And a personal favourite. The pastoral view from the top of Broadhill. An unchanging vista of beautiful English countryside with ancient woodland and fields stretching out towards Norbury in the distance. 


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Gnosall Towpath Restoration (GTR) – 

Around 200 years ago many canals were built in this country,including what has become known as the Shropshire Union canal. When the canals were constructed,the canal companies had to build many bridges and assume liability for their maintenance. They needed to support the heaviest horses and carts that were in use locally.

This was fine until around 100 years or so ago when steam wagons followed by other mechanised vehicles began to appear. Many canal companies erected notices stating the limitations on their bridges and their responsibilities. It is believed that they are legally enforceable to this day.

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I believe we had at least one such sign in the village,on the southeast side of Coton (as was) bridge,now the A518,towards the bus stop. At some point in time,the sign disappeared. About a year ago,someone with a large magnet fished it out of the canal and it looked as pictured.

The GTR team recovered it and delivered it to a local restoration volunteer. He had it grit blasted (second picture) and painted it,for which many thanks. We have now installed it in a place where it can be enjoyed by all (third picture). If you are not the “ordinary traffic of the district”,please think carefully before using the bridge.

We hope you enjoy seeing and using the results of our work. If you’d like to help or contribute in any way,please get in touch. We always welcome new blood,particularly of the younger variety. We’re very friendly and only tackle what is safe and sensible for us to do. Tools and training can be provided by CRT where required. Working parties tend to be Saturday mornings but could be other times subject to demand.

For details of upcoming work parties,and more details of our work,please visit –

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