How many good intentions are still going strong?? At our January meet
Pen Turner made us all very envious as she gave us a little insight into how she turned her life around and sold her house and followed her dreams!!! Many of us could,if we really wanted,do more than we let ourselves,often putting obstacles in our path that we could overcome if we tried. My life’s ambition has been to visit Borneo and walk with Orangutans in the forest before they become extinct,which won’t be long if we continue to destroy their habitats. ………Right o my soapbox!! I had a call to say that Johnathan Swift is now unable to visit us this month. He was very apologetic and disappointed not to be able to come but has promised he will come in May if we can arrange it,fingers crossed. We have managed to get a replacement at short notice from STAFFORDSHIRE BLOOD BIKES.

They are coming along to explain how they work constantly to ensure patients in need of urgent blood supplies get it quickly!!!! Should be interesting to get the inside story!! This will be on Wed 7th Feb. See you then. TEL Sue Spencer 822306-

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