The following information is provided by Staffordshire Police
It encourages caring communities where neighbours look out for each other,working in partnership with the police to guard against crime,vandalism and many other problems. A number of insurance companies will also give a discount to members of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme
A scheme can be as large or small as you want,a whole estate or just half a dozen houses.
The benefits include:

  • Being kept in the picture about local crimes
  • More Community Spirit
  • Working in partenership with the police
  • Having a contact number that can be used in confidence to seek support,information and advice
    seek support,information and advice.

OWL (On-line Watch Link) is the communication system used by Staffordshire Police to circulate messages
to members of Neighbourhood Watch. Messages alert residents to any suspected criminal activity in the area and they can be sent by e-mail,telephone,FAX or as a mobile phone text message.
Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary organisation in the UK,with around 6 million member households. If you would like to start a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area,or if you would like more information,please contact your local Community Engagement Officer:Ash Connor,telephone 01785-234129

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