On Tuesday 16th January 54 members and 8 visitors were educated in the art of photography by Malcolm (Mal) E PRICE,ABIPP (Associate British Institute of Professional Photography). Mal explained,,how we could improve our holiday “snaps” – how,in fact,we could turn them into “pictures”.

He went on to reassure us that he would not be talking about complicated,expensive equipment and that all his tips for better photographs applied to the simplest of cameras. He explained that good pictures were taken not by the equipment but by the person behind the camera.

Mal asked us why do we take photographs and this elicited a range of responses – to show where we were;to show what we had done;to provide reminders and to prompt future memories being some of the suggestions.

Mal then gave us six simple ways to improve our “snaps” and,by taking perhaps just a moment longer than usual,we could turn our “snaps” into “pictures”. The simple guidelines included correct use of the viewfinder in trying to find the natural balance of the scene. He also suggested using the “thirds” proportional schematic,the use of natural lines and frames and the use of an unusual viewing angle to enhance the interest value of the picture. Finally,he emphasised the importance of capturing the emotion invoked by the scene. By using these very simple guidelines it would be possible to achieve some really outstanding results.

All agreed that the talk had been very interesting and would,no doubt,prove most useful in the future. It was noted that,following the presentation,many persons present began checking the photos stored on their i-phones and i-pads to see if the simple ways Mal had disclosed to us could be applied to their own photos.

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 20th March 2018 Caroline PUGH will present “A Servants’Talk”

The talk will be about the comings and goings of the servants at Attingham Park. How they were hired and fired and why they would work for nothing. Also she will tell us where they went on their days off and what their Christmas would have been like. Caroline will be dressed in 1830’s costume and “will be wondering where her purse has gone!!”

The meeting will take place in The Royal British Legion Club,Audley Road,NEWPORT,TF10 7DP commencing at 2.00pm.Admission is £1.00 and refreshments are available. There is ample car parking and visitors are welcome to attend this meeting.

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