News from Girlguiding Gnosall

Who’d have thought it? On the evening of 28th February,with snow everywhere and a temperature of -6ºC,75 girls and leaders turned up at Gnosall Scout and Guide HQ to celebrate Thinking Day. This should be celebrated on 22nd February,the joint birthday of the Founders,Robert and Olave Baden-Powell,but to fit in with school days,the District celebration was planned for the nearest Friday.

This year the girls enjoyed activities representing the countries where the five world guiding centres can be found:Switzerland and India – food tasting,Mexico – hat making,United Kingdom – a quiz on London and Africa – a running about game tracking the world centre as it moves across the continent.

At the final get-together,Thinking Day ‘pennies’ went towards a new play park at Birmingham Children’s’ Hospital in support of a fundraising campaign lead by Millie from Haughton Brownies. Three Guides then made their Promise and everyone went safely home. A big thank-you to the parents and grandparents who managed to get the girls there!

Gnosall Parish 

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