Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 17th January 2018 2pm Gnosall Health Centre


Alex Bradshaw (Chairman) Sue Bradshaw (Secretary) Victor Scofield (Vice Chairman) –Peter Dawson (Minutes Secretary) – David Lang – Geoffrey Woodhead – Dorothy Woodhead – Steven Lister –Richard Brandram Jones – Ian Macmichael – Joy Macmichael– Sue Barton – Geoff Brown – Lorna Wheeler – Maggie Loveless – Joy Tuft – Hilary Maggs – Pat Alker – Peter Gillard

The forum members felt very disappointed that no member of the Practice Management was available to attend the meeting.

1. Apologies

Dee Broadhead – Ann Castledine –Jim Twiss – Simon Wheeler – Nicola Greaves (Practice Manager) – Thereza Forrester (Head of Patients Services) – Sharon Evans (Head of Support Services) Apologies also received from the November meeting for Joy Tuft.

2. Minutes of meeting held 15th November

were agreed. The Chairman would sign as a true record.

3. Appointment of Minutes Secretary (Co-opted) 

Peter Dawson has volunteered to fulfil this role.

4. Matters Arising See Item 7

5. Patients Participating Group

and other external reports (PPG)

The Patients Participation group meeting took place 15th November. The issue of sharps was discussed and the importance of infection control.

The issue of receptionists’ role in arranging appointments. This saves doctors’ time and cost and confidentiality is assured.

6. Parish council matters

Pat Alker (Chairman of Gnosall Parish Council) reported that 15 out of 18 Parish Councillors have received Dementia friendly training. The Council is looking to develop sports facilities and has arranged CPR and defibrillator training. It has attained a Quality Gold status.

7. News from the surgery

The physiotherapy appointment system doesn’t seem to be working well. There isn’t a triage physio and there can be a 3 month wait for an appointment. The surgery has been asked to comment but has not responded.

No news about an ambulatory clinic and the podiatry clinic has been discontinued.

The diabetes eye photo service is no longer available.

For those with the means of getting there,the Stafford Wellbeing Clinic is worth considering when appointments are not available at the surgery.

8. Treasurer’s Report

Alex Bradshaw reported that there is a balance of £510 available,some of which will be used for the cost of producing leaflets.

9. Correspondence

Alex reported contact with Day Lewis plc who run the pharmacy. They are considering opening the pharmacy on Saturday mornings.

Some complained that the queue in the pharmacy was sometimes left without attention and that the shop is not very well stocked at the moment.

10. Patients recruitment to the forum.

Ian Macmichael is producing a new version of the leaflets. It was suggested that it should include information about the pharmacy

11. Use of social and other media.

We are still in the process of designing a new forum logo. We don’t have access to the Health Centre website and much of the information is not being kept up-to-date. If we are not able to resolve this,Pat Alker offered her husband’s services to create a website for the forum

12. Any other business

A question had been asked about the delay time given on the check-in screen at the surgery. It can say 0 minutes even if it’s really,for example,45 minutes.

The starting time for meetings was discussed. There are advantages and disadvantages to 2PM or 7PM. A vote will be taken at the next meeting.

10. Date of next meeting.

Wednesday 21st March at the surgery

Meeting closed at 4.05pm

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