Staffordshire Newsletter

Message from Sara Lee

I am contacting Gnosall community organisations/ leaders to let you know that I have been appointed as the Gnosall community correspondent for the Staffordshire Newsletter (as of next week! (week beginning 18/07/2011).
I would be grateful of any news/ event information you could let me have to put in the Gnosall section of the newspaper. I will be using the Gnosall Parish Newsletter as my main source of information for community events but if you would like something particularly highlighted for your organisation (news/events etc.,) I can be contacted via my email or by telephone 077969903922 and I would be grateful if you could pass this on to the relevant members of your organisation as well as any other community leaders that may want to get information out.
My submission day is a Monday for the edition on Thursday of the same week so if you could let me know of events/ news by then or preferably a week before that would be very helpful. I hope that together we can let even more people know of how much is going on in Gnosall.

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