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Hoorah the sun has returned to our land!! Eventually after a long cold and wet winter we are green again!!! The village looks wonderful thanks to all of those who take pride in where they live and try to keep it clean,poo free and tidy!! We are so lucky to live in this great village and to be able to enjoy all the opportunities on offer to play a part in the fun living in Gnosall brings. So many of my visiting friends comment that they don’t have all the wonderful events we have ,never take them for granted and support them whenever you can,,if we don’t they too will disappear!! 

Well our May meet with John and Jayne Swift “The Victorian Baker”was such a great evening with many friends attending lots of you had memories of Johns Grandfather who ran the famous “SWIFTS OF GNOSALL BAKERY”for many years on Wharf Road,John spoke of his affection for Gnosall and of happy times even as a young boy learning his trade as a baker. The ethos of the family tradition to always provide fresh bread for its customers no matter what the weather still prevails as John so passionately conveyed to us. His bakery in Ludlow is continuing that proud tradition with pride and commitment,the bread he had for sale was gone in minutes!!!! It is the tastiest bread I have eaten for a long time! Hoorah for pride and tradition,long may it survive in these crazy times. 

Our speaker for June will be Ruth Wright who will demonstrate the craft of needle felting,I know from my own experience that it is quite addictive. Once you start you can’t stop bodging away!!! See you on June 6th! CONTACT SUE SPENCER 822306. 

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